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…. presents a new adventure with Maria

Joana Schliemann:

Crazy for Troy - Maria meets Heinrich Schliemann

Joana Schliemann

Illustration Maren Blaschke

Crazy for Troy – Maria meets Heinrich Schliemann

Hardcover, 20 cm x 20 cm, 72 pages

price: 17,95

Within the famous Maria-series, author Joana Schliemann tellsthe story of her great ancestor Heinrich Schliemann – hard to the facts and full of adventures.

Maria travels to Greece for holidays. There she meets Amalia, who is the same age and the great-grandniece of Heinrich Schliemann. Together they meet the great archeologist himsellf. Normal holidays quickly turn into an adventurous trip through history. Schliemann asks the children for help to bring the Gold of Troy he just found to a safe place.

But it´s not only about treasure-hunting. The children meet a driven personality, who had a hard childhood, but later became a clever and very successful entrepreneur , a great  discoverer, who made many mistakes as an archeologist, but who always kept to his dream to find Troy – with Homer in his hand..

A wonderfully illustrated book for clever kids from age 8, for their parents and everybody who loves Homer, Greece, archeology and dolphins. 

Joana Schliemann grew up in Hamburg, she worked for film and television. Currently she organizes and develops cultural projects. She lives in London with her husband and three daughters.

“The inspiration to write a book about Heinrich Schliemann for kids came up during our holydays in Italy, where the local bookstore had organized a ´Schliemann-week. My daughter Amalia was amused by reading her own name on all of the books. So I told her the story of her ancestor Heinrich Schliemann, about his adventurous life and work and his spectacular discovery of the Gold of Troy. Amalia asked, if her grandmother stored the treasure somewhere in the house, but I had to disappoint her about that. Instead I promised her to write a book with many pictures, that would tell the whole story.”


Maria meets them all ... meet her!

Maria visits the famous painter Max Liebermann in his beautiful Villa at Lake Wannsee. He paints her and they talk about important things: do painters earn enough money? What is the difference between photography and painting? Why did the German emperor hate Liebermann´s art so much?

Einstein was a strange genius. Maria takes a sailing-tour with him and finds out about relativity and how she can ban her terrible twin-cousins simply by using Einstein´s theories.

Mozart never saw a mobile phone - or did he? Maria spends a day with the ´wunderkind´ in Salzburg giving him some good ideas. Mozart is delighted, but even Maria can´t change the tragedy of Mozarts life - only a little bit.

  Don´t be afraid of the man with the big beard! Karl Marx loved children. Maria understands that the father of economy cannot deal with money in his private life. But she finds a way to rescue him and his daughters.

  Does Nefertiti need sunglasses? Maybe. But what she still needs more is a new concept of immortality. Maria travels through Egypt, meets Mummies and Princesses and has a difficult task to fulfil.

All books from the Maria series:
by Sabine Carbon/Barbara Lücker
48 pages, hardcover, 24 x 24 cm, 17.95 €

Einstein and Liebermann are also available in English.