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Don´t cry Nefertiti - Maria´s adventures in Egypt

Maria meets one of the greatest and most beautiful women ever: Nefertiti. In front of the famous bust of the Egyptian Queen in the Berlin Museum she once again travels back in time, meets three princesses, plays hide-and-seek in a spacious palace, learns about Egyptian manners and finds out about Nefertitis biggest problem. An "edutaining" story about old and new gods, immortality, the importance of sunglasses and much more - not only for children!

Nofretete muss getröstet werden - Marias Abenteuer in Ägypten
by Sabine Carbon/Barbara Lücker
48 pages, 24x24cm, hardcover,
many illustrations, 17.95 €

Willy - the Adventurous Story of a German Chancellor

A cool cat tells us the story of Willy Brandt, the famous German Chancellor. An illustrated journey through 70 years of german history.

Willy - Die spannende Geschichte eines deutschen Bundeskanzlers
by Sabine Carbon/Barbara Lücker
hardcover, 84 pages, 20x20 cm, many illustrations, 15 €