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The Evil Hand - Panic in the City
96 pages, hardcover 20x20 cm, 19,95 €

Each night, when the moon rises, the evil hand crawls out of his grave to steal the money of the people in Dresden. Each night, for 800 years now. But, suddenly everything changes...

The hand meets a nice frog-lady and a rat. Together they bring panic to Dresden. Lieutenant Böckle, a reckless foreigner, sees a big chance for his career and claims that terrorists menace the city. In a bizarre spiral, ever stranger things happen in a pizzeria and in a big shopping mall. In the end the evil baron, to whom the land and the hand once belonged, is forced to intervene.

A turbulent satire about small city life and the clash of different cultures and times. The Kurdish owner of a takeaway meets a Baron from the middleages and inbetween the Italian guy from the pizzeria falls in love with the "punkie" German waitress. Even the hand finds his Daddy.

The city of Dresden is one of the most beautiful places in the world - very well known - but it is also a metaphor for today´s life between history and commercial shopping malls.The story sets off a screwballlike dynamic - very funny, intelligent and romantic at the same time.

Louis D. Nebelsick was born as an American in Berlin. He was raised in Beirut, New York and Louisville, Kentucky. He studied Archaeology in Berlin and Edinburgh and worked in Dresden. Now he is Professor of Archaeology in Warsaw. 

samples from the text:

Each night, when the moon rises, the evil hand crawls out of his grave. All day he had spent counting coins…

In the Cathedral of Meißen the high Nobility of Saxonia sat in front of an old TV-Set watching soaps.

“I need 100 Terabyte”, said Mirko trying to sound serious.